For many homeowners, replacing or repairing a roof can create a financial hardship. And sometimes, a lack of home equity or low credit score can stop you from getting a personalized roof financing credit to complete your roofing project. At Allstate Construction Roofing, we understand how important roof repair and roof replacement can be, especially when your property is at risk of further damage.

If you find yourself in need of new roof replacement financing, you’re in the right place. And no, we won’t bore you with long contracts that list contractor terms and apr values.

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You can pay for a new roof without needing a lump sum, credit card, or personal loans. We’ve worked hard to provide a range of roof financing options, giving you the best options when considering roofing companies.

The cost of roof replacement or repairs can vary based on a few factors, including:

  • Size and overall complexity of the roof. While shingle-roofs generally have lower upfront costs*, they have a much shorter life-span compared to pitched roofs.
  • General roofing materials used. Tiles roof can be up to 10 times more expensive compared to shingles roof.
  • The contractor you decide to work with on the project.

These factors all add up in your roof repairs or roof replacement’s overall price and will need to be considered when you look at different financial options.

*This is based on pricing at the time of writing – prices are always subject to change.

Allstate Construction Roofing offers gutter installation & repair, roofing shingles, and roof financing options that make it easy for you to upgrade your home with new roofing. Our gutter and roof financing solutions will help you upgrade your home without having to use your home equity, savings or emergency funds.

1. Credit Score – for most financing options, lenders will do a credit review before approving a personal loan for a roof, home repair, even solar panels. Your credit score is impacted by your credit history and things like timely payments on a credit card or mortgage loan, and how much debt you have in relation to your income. Your credit score is a helpful number to know as it can establish your loan eligibility and the interest rate you may pay. For excellent credit borrowers, getting roof financing shouldn’t be a problem. However, If you have a low credit score, you could still pay for a new roof or roof repair based on the financing option you choose. You will likely need to get pre-qualified by any lending partner to determine the loan options for your roof project.

2. Monthly Payments – the type of financing you receive to pay for your roof replacement or repair will typically determine your monthly payments and payment options. Getting a lump sum to pay for your home improvement should be weighed against the payment terms of the lending partner’s financing option and your ability to afford the monthly payments. The amount borrowed may be attractive to most homeowners but if the monthly payment is too high, the option may be a bad decision for your new roof.

3. Interest Payments – when looking at the best roof financing options for your home improvement, look for low-interest-rate financing from companies. Interest rates determine the amount of money you pay, typically on a monthly basis, for the financing. That means a low loan with a high-interest rate can increase the monthly payment homeowners might expect. If you do get a home improvement loan, ensure your loan terms include a fixed interest rate. Some lenders may include a variable interest rate in their loan terms. This can dramatically increase your monthly payment because the total cost typically goes up over time.

4. Using Credit Cards for Financing – it may be tempting to put your roof replacement on a credit card, especially if your home is in danger of additional damage if you don’t start on your roofing project. Using credit cards is one of the most expensive types of loans because of the high-interest rates, sometimes as high as 20% or 30%. With these types of interest rates, a roof repair can become more expensive than it should be. Look for the lowest rate financing options available and total cost before taking such credit decisions for your project.

5. Home Equity Lines of Credit for Financing – some homeowners may borrow against their home equity to finance a new roof or complete roof replacements. This is typically not an option if you do not already have home equity, which is determined by the sum you owe on your home versus the value of your home. If you have home equity, you might be eligible to apply for a home equity loan or lines of credit. The payment terms for home equity loans vary by lenders and companies and may or may not be the best option for your roof repair or home improvement because they create a liability against your home. These details are important to understand and help you decide if lines of credit or a home equity loan makes sense for your home improvement project.

6. Homeowners Insurance Coverage – the cost of your roofing project and contractor may be covered by your insurance company, especially if you’ve survived a storm or hurricane. If you believe your project is eligible to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy (provided by your insurance company), contact a roofing contractor like Allstate Construction Roofing to perform a free inspection (use our website contact form here). You will likely need to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to begin a claim. If you’re eligible, most often, the cost of your roof replacement will be covered and a roof loan or personal loan won’t be necessary.

7. Personal Loans – You can use a personal loan to cover the cost of obtaining a new roof or doing as-needed repairs to your roof. If paying with cash, credit card, or other roof financing options are not a possibility, personal loans may be the best choice to cover the cost of a new roof or repairs. Loans can be a complicated process, but they can work well when looking to work with companies that provide roofing services.

Curious to get a general idea of what personal financing might look like for you?

Work With the Best Roofing Company with Financing Options

Among roofing companies with various financing options in Florida, Allstate Construction Roofing can work with customers who seek personal financial options, roof loans in addition to insurance, financial amounts that may vary, and other roof financing options.

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Once a financing option has been selected and worked out, Allstate Construction Roofing will be ready to get started as your go-to roofer.

With roofing company financing available to our customers, we aim to provide efficient metal roofs, roof repair, replacement, even new roof construction, and other roof work as needed.

As you consider financing for your roof work, Allstate’s roofing company financing is something to keep in mind.