If Strong Winds Have Caused Roof Damage, We Can Help

Surviving a storm can be stressful for any homeowner. And here in Florida, one can happen at any time. After a storm event, and your family is safe, it is normal to wonder if there is damage to your home. If you see downed power lines or trees on your roof, the answer is obvious. But even without those significant storm events, it’s important to get a professional contractor that specializes in the storm damage roof repair services.

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Unlike a winter storm up north that creates ice dams and heavy snowfall, Florida storms typically come with winds or hail. In a storm with high winds, homeowners may or may not see the damage, depending on the severity and type of features you have – brick siding, tile roof, asphalt shingles, etc., but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t occurred. If you find asphalt shingles or shingle granules in your yard after weather events, you can be almost certain your roof has sustained wind damage.

Fixing roof damage fast after strong winds

Even if wind damage isn’t obvious from the ground, it can cause your home problems, such as leaks, which can damage your belongings and form water stains on your ceiling and walls. After the storm, call us. Allstate Construction Roofing contractors have the experience and equipment to inspect your roof safely. Even if you don’t see the damage right away, getting onto your roof after a storm can be dangerous. Trust your local roofing company to inspect your home for hail roof damage, water damage, and damage from winds.

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Do You Know How to Spot Wind Damage?

While not always obvious, there are a few things that you can look for after a roof storm damage such as missing shingles. If you see them, you may need to call an experienced contractor in your zip code. If there is storm damage – roof repairs may be covered by your homeowners’ insurance, and we can help you file a claim.

  • Does your home have missing shingles or missing roof tiles?
  • Can you spot any shingles that appear cracked or torn? They also may appear curled – all of these scenarios indicate possible roof damage.
  • Is there debris on your roofing from the storm? This can include downed tree branches, power lines, hail, and more.
  • Do you notice horizontal lines on your shingles? These lines can be caused by granules worn off from the shingle above it. High winds can cause this problem as the shingles flap in the winds.
  • If you have interior damage, this is a likely sign that you sustained roof storm damage. Look for water stains and peeling paint on your ceiling and walls. You may also smell mold in areas of your home, which should be investigated. Most of these problems are caused by leaks and will be eligible for an insurance claim and therefore be sure to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Winds can damage almost all types of roofs. An expert roofing company can inspect your property and help with restoration for both residential and commercial roof repair.

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Call Your Homeowners Insurance Provider

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Once you’ve identified roof damage from high winds, it may be time to file an insurance claim. While all shingles include coverage for winds, there are times that they exceed those that may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. That’s where your insurance company comes in and how we can help you file a claim.

How We Work With Insurance Companies:

After a storm, our contractor will come to your property to assess the roof storm damage/repair needs. We use industry software that will be helpful for your insurance agent. After we’ve checked for things like weather and hail storm damage, roof deck damage, and a roof leak or leaks, we’ll compile a report with everything that can help you when you contact your insurance regarding a roof repair or new roof installation.

After you’ve started a claim with your homeowners insurance, our contractor can meet with your insurance adjuster onsite to discuss your insurance claims and the overall project. Next, we can get to work on your roof repairs or roof replacement. Missing shingles or roofing damage should not go long as it can cause more severe damage to your home and possessions.

What to do After a Storm

If you already see water damage from leaks and water intrustion here are a few tips:

  • Never go up on your roof to look around but do survey the damage to your roof from the ground. Roofing contractors are familiar with the dangers of roofing materials that have been through a storm, including unseen damage. If you see problems from the ground, take photos of your roofing and articles that look out of place. This may help your contractor when they arrive to discuss your project.
  • Cover your interior items so they don’t experience more damage from leaking water or weather. Roofs that are damaged can quickly affect other areas of your home, so look for spots in the ceiling, attic, and walls and note them before contractors arrive.

Whether you work with a roofing contractor in the area, file an insurance claim, or attempt to complete a minor project on your own, it’s critical to fix damage to your roof immediately. Roof damage that goes on can cost much more in the long run. Don’t wait to call a licensed contractor and your insurance company after a storm.

Your Local Pros for Fast Damage Repair and Roof Replacement

When a storm hits FL, many companies show up on the scene to offer roofing services. These storm chasers appeared after Hurricane Irma and often claim to be local to the area. The truth is, they show up as a roofer after a storm like Irma, and disappear shortly after the roof work is done. Their roofing experience and quality may be subpar and when you need them after the project is done, it’s hard even to find a phone number. Don’t get sucked into great marketing or a low bid to fix roof damage.

Hiring a Dependable, Trusted Roofing Contractor

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The truth is, reputable roofing companies like Allstate Construction Roofing have been serving FL for years. Here are our tips for finding a roofer after the storms.

  • Start your search for roofers in the FL area online. You can learn a lot about a roofing company from sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google. Look through online reviews from customers who have had their roofs repaired or replaced by a local company and see what they say about the roofing contractor.
  • Select 2-3 roofing contractor companies and visit their websites. You can see if they have the experience, years of history and what other services they offer. If their site talks about exhaust pipes more than it does your roof, then you might be in trouble. We’ve been in business for 30 years and served 50,000 customers. When you visit our site, you see that we can help you with any type of home project and roof, from tile roofs to a metal roof and flat roof to the metal fascia. We know home construction, and we definitely know how to repair roof storm damage.
  • Schedule a free inspection. Before you sign a contract, ask the contractors you’re considering to come to your home and complete a roof inspection. That will give you the opportunity to meet with them at your home and discuss the roof storm damage or hail damage, insurance company questions, and more. When you have a contractor working on your home, it’s important you can trust them to do the work well and treat your property with care.
  • Another step you may want to take is to verify that any contractor you choose to repair storm damage is properly licensed and insured. Unfortunately, you can find articles and news pieces that showcase a homeowner who gave money to a contractor that never completed the work or completed it poorly. Ensuring that any company you do business with maintains a certain level of regulatory standards can help you feel better before trusting them to work on your home.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractors For Fast, Quality Wind Damage Repair

At Allstate Construction Roofing, we’re proud to be one of the roof replacement and repair specialists in Southwest FL for the last thirty years. We’ve helped our customers recover from dozens of storms, and we pride ourselves on being local and offering exceptional customer service throughout the process. Take a look at our reviews, experience, and licenses, and you’ll see that we are the ones to trust with your valuable property.

Whether you’ve just survived roof storm damage or suspect damage from a past storm, we’re here to help with any roof damage repairs. We can be on-site quickly and provide a free, no-cost, no-obligation inspection.

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