Roofing Inspection Checklist

Unless there’s an obvious problem like a leak, it can be difficult to assess the condition of your roof just by looking. That’s why smart property owners call a trusted roofing contractor for a roof inspection if they suspect storm damage.

In this article, we’ll cover essential items for a roof inspection checklist and some solutions to the common problems we find during roof inspections.

Clear Debris

Over the course of a year, storms, wind, and pests can leave behind debris. In addition to clogging your gutters, this debris can cause wear and tear to your roof.

Your roof inspector will look for and clear away any debris, such as leaves, branches, and twigs, and ensure they haven’t damaged your roof.

Examine Shingle Condition

The condition of your shingles is the first indication of whether or not you need roof replacement or repair. They’ll take note of whether any shingles are missing, cracked, or lifting.

Damaged or missing shingles leave roofs unprotected from the elements and will need to be replaced immediately by a professional.

Check for Granule Loss

Over time, your shingles can disintegrate, and the granules will break down. This may be caused by wear and tear, sun damage, or water infiltration.

Your roof inspector will look for shingle granules on your roof or in your gutters. If they find a lot of shingle granules, you may need to replace your shingles.

Inspect Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a flat piece of metal that directs water away from your roof’s seams and joints. This keeps water and moisture out of your home or commercial building.

During an inspection, your roofing contractor will inspect your roof flashing to ensure it isn’t missing or dented. If the roof flashing is damaged, they can replace it.

Look for Pooling Water

If you have a flat roof, a roofing contractor will look for signs of pooling water. They’ll check for puddles and roof stains that show water has sat in one spot for a while.

Your roof needs proper drainage. Your contractor will ensure there are no clogged gutters or damaged flashing causing the pooling water.

Choose Allstate Construction Roofing Inc. for Your Roofing Inspection

Roof inspections are essential to maintaining your commercial or residential roofing system. Turn to Allstate Construction Roofing Inc. for professional roof inspection services in Southwest Florida. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof for any issues, discuss our findings, and provide the replacement or repair you need.

We provide free, no-obligation inspections, so you won’t experience any pressure or upselling from our team. You can expect top-tier customer service, clear communication, and honest pricing when you choose Allstate Construction Roofing Inc.

Contact us online or call (239) 317-2000 today to schedule a free, no-obligation roof inspection in Southwest Florida.

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