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If you’re looking for professional roofing services in Florida, you may be wondering how to find a trustworthy roofing contractor. Whether you’re completing new construction or need a roof repair or roof replacement, it can be hard to know who to trust. 

Florida Roofing Company

Investing in a roof in Florida, from Orlando or Port St. Lucie, can be expensive. It’s important to find an expert qualified in all types of roof projects with a solid reputation to put your mind at ease.

Choosing a Contractor

Before you complete residential roofing or commercial roofing services in Southwest Florida, take the time to investigate your local Florida roofing contractors. We’ll cover what to look for and ways you can evaluate each commercial roofing contractor so you can have peace of mind before getting to work.

There is nothing wrong with taking your time to ask questions and decide which company will be the best fit for your project. If you’re unsure how to determine the best roofer before starting a project, keep reading for our suggestions. 

What is a good roofing company in Florida?

Whether you own a commercial building or need residential roofing services, choosing roofing professionals can be difficult. But there are a few simple things that a good roofing company will provide, and we’ll help you understand what they are and how to find a contractor that checks all the boxes.

Quality Workmanship

When choosing a roofer, homeowners should look for a company that completes their work with a level of excellence. So often, after hurricane season and storms that cause damage, roofing companies come into town to capitalize on damage in the area. Unfortunately, they don’t always complete quality work – and they often disappear as quickly as they came. This can be discouraging for homeowners who needed a quality contractor.

Take the time to investigate any roofing company when considering complete roof replacements or new roof installation. You can learn a lot about the business online through a quick search for history, complaints, and more. 

Look for a company that has been in business in your local area for more than a few years. We’ve been serving customers at Allstate since 1991, which means you can quickly validate our quality work online through our website, local business associations, and more. Third-party organizations, like the Better Business Bureau, can also help you determine a roofer’s level of competence and commitment to quality work. 

High Customer Satisfaction

Any property owner wants to find trustworthy contractors for their home improvement projects, especially when relying on one to provide a dependable roof that will hold up over time. Before signing up with any roofing contractor, it’s worth making sure they have satisfied customers. Take the time to read through any positive reviews – and complaints to assess if they are valid in your situation.

One way to do this is to ask for recommendations on social media or from friends and family. You can also search for reviews on multiple sites and through Google. Consistent reviews that say the company did an excellent job are a great indication that you’ve found a quality contractor. 

It’s also helpful to look for a company that has more than just a couple of reviews. Consistency in reviews and high customer satisfaction go hand in hand with a reliable Florida roofing contractor. 

Free Roof Inspections

Quality roofing companies are often happy to provide a free inspection for your home or industrial roofing project. They know that they can stand behind their audit and provide a valuable service for the homeowner. It also shows they have a team that can accommodate their customers, even before a sale is made. 

At Allstate, we offer a free, no-cost, no-obligation free roof inspection on your schedule. We meet with homeowners or business owners onsite and review their roofs and property. Our team takes the time to identify any areas of concern, like a roof leak or other damage, and provide a comprehensive report, whether or not the customer chooses to work with us. 

If damage is identified, we work with warranties and insurance companies to assist our clients through the claims process. Our employees take pride in helping our community with a quality inspection and free inspection. 


Before hiring a roofer, take the time to find out if they are truly a full-service roofing contractor with years of experience. Ask about their ability to work on all types of roof projects – from tile roofs to asphalt, bitumen, shingle roof, or flat roof. Each house has different elements that an experienced roofing team will have seen – and worked on. From the roof slope to the age of the home to the type of installation, these details matter. 

Different roofing systems require special tools, knowledge, and experience. Waterproofing in South Florida looks different than in Northern states. 

Don’t trust inexperienced crews with your new roof or reroof. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. A quality company and team will be happy to explain what you have, what they suggest, and why they are the best fit for your home improvement project. 

Why Choose Allstate? 

Allstate Construction Roofing is the local expert for roofing and gutters, and more. Clients choose us because we consistently deliver quality workmanship for homes and commercial property throughout Florida. 

We also know the value of providing exceptional customer service that results in high customer satisfaction. Our company is family-owned and operated, and we live and work in our communities. We take pride in treating our customers well and making sure their roofing experience is exceptional. 

Our team provides free, no-cost, no-obligation FREE roof inspections in Florida. This helps our customers understand their project needs and get to know our team before committing to a big project. Our quality contractors have seen and done it all for decades, which means you can trust our experience for your home. 

Want to learn more? Contact us today to get started. 

We proudly serve our clients’ needs with both residential and commercial roofing in Southwest

Allstate Construction Roofing is the local expert for roofing and gutters and more. We proudly serve our clients’ needs with both residential and commercial roofing in Southwest FL.

Call us for a no-obligation free inspection for any of our roof repair and roof replacement services.

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