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Although Southwest Florida has plenty of gorgeous weather for much of the year, differing weather patterns can spawn extreme weather events as the seasons change. This can be disastrous for your roof, resulting in impact damage, cracks, missing shingles, and other problems.

During hurricane season, the chance for storm damage is even greater, with the potential for strong storms with sustained winds, torrential rain, flying debris, and more. These weather conditions can affect your roof differently, but the result is often the same — the need for roof replacement or repair.


Heat and UV radiation from the sun can impact the condition of your roof, especially with Southwest Florida’s high heat and humidity.

Excessive heat can warp asphalt shingles and crack and shrink roof tiles. High humidity can weaken roof decking and rafters over time, making them more susceptible to damage from wind and impact. High-quality materials offer enhanced UV resistance to mitigate this effect.


Your roof is at the highest risk of damage from June through November because of hurricane season. During a hurricane, sustained winds of 74 mph and above can be expected, with the strongest storms clocking in at over 155 mph, which can rip off shingles, flashing, gutters, vents, and more.

Strong winds can also pelt your roof with debris and cause nearby trees to drop limbs onto your roof or even down the tree itself, causing dented, cracked, and pierced shingles.

Top roofing manufacturers like Owens Corning offer asphalt shingles that are wind-resistant and Class 4 impact-resistant. They are created by infusing the substrate or the asphalt with rubber polymers that significantly increase impact resistance over the standard fiberglass and asphalt construction.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain during thunderstorms and hurricanes typically won’t damage a roof in good condition. However, heavy rain alongside wind, hail, or debris could damage roofing, flashing, or vents, creating an opening that allows rain to enter. Once inside, rain can soak the roof deck, rafters, and the interior of your home, causing water and structural damage.


As cold air and warm air mix in the transition between winter and spring, seasonal thunderstorms often produce hail. When large enough, hailstones can leave behind dents and divots in your roof or even pierce through asphalt shingles or metal roofing panels. Clay tiles can be cracked or broken.

This damage can lead to leaks and water damage, so you should address it quickly. Impact-resistant roofing can limit damage from hail, wind, heat, and more in the future.

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COVID-19 Update

With all the ongoing reports and fear of COVID-19 that continue to develop we felt it necessary to express where we stand as a company.  Allstate Construction Roofing Inc. completes repairs or replacements to your roof, which is arguably the most important part of your home as it protects your assets and you and your family.  The health and safety of our customers and staff is our greatest concern.  We will continue to do our part to protect each individual throughout the roofing process.

The beauty of technology today is that much of our process can be done virtually with email, text message, satellite measurements, and, online signature platforms. While we may initially see you face to face, our staff has been instructed to maintain the six (6) foot distance as we will continue to do our part to protect our customers, your homes, and our staff in the safest way possible.

Please know that we are a family-owned business and we are doing everything we can to safely serve our customers.

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