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Monday, March 25th, 2019

Allstate Construction Roofing

You don’t need to have an eye for design to make your roof look amazing.  Just know some simple color principles below. If you live somewhere with an HOA. We (Allstate Construction Roofing) can work with them as well as your insurance company to make your home, look amazing from the top down.

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The Color Wheel (Like Wheel Of Fortune but with more color): The color wheel provides you with an easy to understand visual representation of which colors will look great together. The 12 colors on the color wheel consist of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Meanwhile, secondary colors are a combination of two primary colors which results in purple, orange and green. Tertiary colors include amber, vermillion, magenta, violet, aqua and lime-green. You can determine which colors create visual harmony by their position on the wheel.

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Color Temperature: You also need to understand color temperature. Different colors have different effects on your home. For instance, warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges bring a sense of liveliness and intimacy to a space. They are vibrant and dynamic. Cool colors like greens, blues and purples, on the other hand, can make a room feel calm, relaxed and serene. We can help you select a shade that highlights your home’s best features and goes along with your HOAs guidelines.

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Complementary Colors: Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel and look great together. Generally, one color acts as the dominant shade while the other is an accent. Keep this in mind when choosing your roof’s color. The color of your siding, doors, or windows can be your guide in choosing a complementary roof color. Instead of choosing the color directly opposite the base shade, you choose the two shades on either side of the opposite color. Also be aware of what is and what is not allowed in your neighborhood.

We here at Allstate are here to help anyway we can give us a call or drop us a line we are happy to help.

Allstate Construction Roofing

COVID-19 Update

With all the ongoing reports and fear of COVID-19 that continue to develop we felt it necessary to express where we stand as a company.  Allstate Construction Roofing Inc. completes repairs or replacements to your roof, which is arguably the most important part of your home as it protects your assets and you and your family.  The health and safety of our customers and staff is our greatest concern.  We will continue to do our part to protect each individual throughout the roofing process.

The beauty of technology today is that much of our process can be done virtually with email, text message, satellite measurements, and, online signature platforms. While we may initially see you face to face, our staff has been instructed to maintain the six (6) foot distance as we will continue to do our part to protect our customers, your homes, and our staff in the safest way possible.

Please know that we are a family-owned business and we are doing everything we can to safely serve our customers.

The Owners of Allstate Construction Roofing Inc.


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